Language village 2015

Wednesday 11th March

The school hall was transformed into a proper English square with a police station, hotel, campsite, customs, job centre, a red phone box and of course the local pub!

All of our 3rd formers spent some time in the village, talking to the villagers, using the assignments in their one-day passport. At customs their passports were thoroughly checked, as were their suitcases which had many strange items in them. The pupils could only keep these peculiar items if they had a good explanation for the customs officers.

Rumours say that one of our pupils apparently is having an affair with the Queen of England! Who could it be..?

Everyone made a pitstop at the local pub, the King’s Head for a chat, and the telephone was frequently used to book a room at the hotel or to reserve a space at the campsite.

Another great day in the Monte village 🙂 Thanks for stopping by 3rd formers!

Best regards,

Mrs Sutter-Faulkner

A32 Valerie:

Hello, my name is Valerie. I thought language village was very exciting, sometimes it was hard to translate the words from Dutch to English. The longer I was doing it, the easier it became.

The rest of language village was fun, educational and very funny!

A32 Stijn:

Language village was a lot of fun. Once you’ve started it’s more simple, because it is a little scary to start at first. It’s disappointing that you have little time, because you only have one lesson to go round. I wish we would do it more often!